Service packages based on your unique needs.

Whether you have an office that needs special attention with sanitation & regular maintenance, a builder who needs his project to sparkle, or perhaps a property owner with rental units, we work with your concerns in mind.

Office Cleaning

Customers prefer businesses with clean facilities, especially restrooms. In fact 94% said they would avoid going back to a business with dirty restrooms. Your business reputation starts the moment people enter your facility and ends when they tell others about their experience. High-contamination surfaces get touched by many hands, both healthy and sick. Windows and glass collect fingerprints and smudges. Dust collects everywhere. Floors need an extra shine.

The performance of employees improves when working in a clean, tidy office improves when working in a clean environment.

Potential clients who visit a clean office leave with a favorable impression of the place.

Hiring The Cleaning Crew for maintaining your facilities is taking a positive step toward maintaining a professional looking office environment. The use of office cleaning services benefits an office in a multitude of ways.
An office building cleaning service allows the employees of an office to concentrate on their work. Some offices assign cleaning tasks to employees and that takes away from productive time spent doing work and with clients. Our Southern California based Cleaning Crew takes care of all of the important cleaning tasks that create a tidy office environment.Our regular services include the following:

  • Cleaning operatory/Exam room sinks, countertops, waiting areas and mirrors
  • Disinfecting kitchens/washrooms
  • Organize waiting areas
  • Emptying garbage
  • Dusting
  • Refilling washroom/kitchen supplies
  • Vacuuming/sweeping/mopping

Post-Construction Clean up for both residential and commercial

We enjoy working with a large network of Builders in the Southern California area. We offer cleaning for service-page
whatever stage your project may be at whether cleaning for touch ups, getting it ready for staging or for the final owner move in! New home construction sites and post remodel work is one of our specialties. We offer:

  • Dust removal on flat surfaces and cabinets that has accumulated throughout construction
  • Window and sills cleaning
  • Wall vacuuming
  • Appliance cleaning
  • Light garbage and trash removal
  • Floor sweeping/mopping/buffing
  • Special attention to Kitchen/Washrooms

Retail Store and Public Buildings

cvs-800-x-400We can also help your store look its best and maximize your carpet and flooring investment by prolonging its lifespan.  We offer the full gambit of Retail Store cleaning services. From major retail stores, pharmacies, to boutiques, gift shops and more, The Cleaning Crew knows that repeat business is what keeps you in business. That’s why it’s important to find the perfect fit when it comes to a cleaning service for your retail location, one that maintains more than your storefront.

  • Trash removal from designated trash receptacles
  • Restocking of paper products and supplies
  • Tidying and disinfecting countertops and other surfaces
  • Dusting and high dusting
  • Vacuuming, mopping and attending to floor treatments
  • Commercial Power & Pressure Washing uses a mechanical sprayer that uses high- pressure water to clean and remove: Spider Webs, Mold, Grime, Dust and Dirt, Mud and any other surface debris that needs to be removed.
  • We Power & Pressure Wash: Patios, Sidewalks, Patio Furniture, Aluminum siding, Awnings, Store Fronts, Driveways / Parking Lots, Vinyl Siding, Garages, Concrete, Brick, Roofs

What We Offer Your Company

We know that a daily office cleaning might not be exactly what your business needs, so The Cleaning Crew offers cleaning services on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly schedule to best suit your needs.
We are also aware that many companies care about the environment. So we offer you eco-friendly office cleaning. The Southern California based Cleaning Crew assures all our clients that we are fully capable of fulfilling their every need for janitorial cleaning services in a responsible manner.

Building maintenance options include but are not limited to:
• Building lobby and corridors cleaning
• Common area cleaning
• Elevators and stairways cleaning
• Dusting of surface areas
• Trash collection and recycling
• Restroom cleaning and disinfecting
• Refilling restroom supplies
• Vacuuming carpets and rugs
• Sweeping, mopping and polishing floors
• Spot cleaning